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We broadcast your radio on the Internet for free.

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How do I send my sound?

All you need is MP3 or AAC + encoding software to install on your streaming PC that we provide to you.

What does Belstream do?

Once your sound is encoded, it is sent to our server. We relay it to your listeners through our powerful fiber optic network.


How to listen?

The stream relayed by our servers can be listened to directly from a browser with an HTML player, or from our iOS and Android application.

Our app

All the radios broadcast by us have the possibility to request to be added free of charge in the Belstream application for iOS (iPhone) and Android (Google Play) on smartphone and tablet. This app is also free for users.

Available on the App Store

Available on Google Play

The display of the artist, the title and the cover of the CD in the application is supported even on the screen of your car in Bluetooth if your stream provides the metadata. If your encoder does not allow it, contact us to discuss it because we have tailor-made tools to overcome this lack.

If you want your own app on the app store with your name, logo and colors, contact us.

Our strong point: ping

Ping is a measurement tool used to calculate the response time from a computer to a server, or from one router to another. The shorter the route, the fewer routers are crossed and therefore less risk of cuts or degradation is possible. In short, the lower the ping latency value, the better the signal quality.

Pinging is not a real problem if you only host sites, but for certain uses such as online gaming, voice over IP (VoIP) or audio and video streaming, it is necessary to have the shortest route.

Compare for yourself using the following results:

Latency to Proximus Latency to Voo
Belstream (BE) 1.35ms 3.25ms
Online (FR) 8.20ms 10.45ms
OVH (FR) 13.60ms 15.20ms
Hetzner (DE) 15.50ms 22.70ms
Infomaniak (CH) 25.60ms 27.85ms

Tests carried out from dedicated servers at these suppliers in 08/2021.
Calculation Method: Average of 10 ICMP network-to-network responses.

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